Electric & Hybrid Range


By electrifying our entire range of vehicles, we’re not just imagining what tomorrow will look like. We’re already building it.

By the end of 2020, we’ll have launched 14 new hybrid and electric vehicles in the UK.

Whether it’s Puma with EcoBoost Hybrid, or Kuga with three hybrid options: you have the power to choose the right EV for you.

Which Electric Vehicle Is Right For You?

If you’re considering making the switch to an electrified vehicle, then it’s important you understand the differences between them. Click on the icons below to get more information on Mild Hybrid, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and All-Electric Vehicles.Text here ...


The eco-friendliest of the bunch, an All-Electric Ford runs solely on electric power. Your All-Electric Ford will be 100% emission-free and offers an electric driving range of up to 370 miles (depending on the model). It can be charged using a 230V power socket at home, a wallbox or a public charging station.

Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrids have a similar set up to a Hybrid, but with a larger high voltage battery. This means you can drive on pure electric miles for longer distances (up to 30 miles approximately). Once you have used your electric miles, your Plug-in Hybrid will run like a normal Hybrid with the additional option of using a plug-in charger to get your electric miles back up sooner.


A Hybrid Ford has two power sources – a conventional petrol engine and an electric battery. Your Hybrid Ford will be able to seamlessly switch between petrol miles and pure electric miles for shorter distances. It can also use both at the same time for better efficiency. Your Hybrid Ford will never require plug-in charging as it will charge itself on-the-go.

Mild Hybrid

A Mild Hybrid Ford uses a small electric motor to help power your conventional engine. The electric motor will never drive the car and the car will never solely run on electric power. The electric motor can recover energy from braking which improves efficiency and acts as on-board assistance.

Charging made simple

Ford is offering a number of practical ways to ensure your Plug-in Hybrid or All-Electric vehicle’s battery is kept charged. Depending on the type of electric car or van you choose, there are a variety of Charging options and solutions we can provide. We want to make Charging your Plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle as easy and painless as possible.

Command your space. New Puma.

Human-centric design, stand-out styling, EcoBoost Hybrid efficiency. New Ford Puma doesn’t seek your attention – with its sophisticated, electrified powertrain: it quietly demands it.

Rethink the adventure. All-New Kuga.

We’re bringing a choice of 3 separate hybrid technologies to the All-New Kuga in 2020. The Plug-in Hybrid can switch between petrol or all-electric driving. Or if a plug-in option isn’t right for you, the self-charging EcoBlue Hybrid or full Hybrid options will also be available.