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One Stop Shop

What is One Stop Shop?

A One Stop Shop gives a customer the ability to benefit from multiple services, in a convenient and efficient way. It offers the ability to get the finished product without going through different processes, being time effective and saving money on costs overall.

Ocean Ford Transit One Stop Shop service, provides the finished product to the customers satisfactory standards. Our service provides everything from Livery, Ply-lining and Pre-built body options so your Ford Transit is tailored to you and your business.

Built on the chassis of the Ford Transit our One Stop Shop Commercial variety offers a select size of different cabs, load space and payloads. Currently the Ford Transit One Stop Shop commercial range includes:

With stock available for immediate delivery, you won't have to wait to find your perfect converted Ford Transit, simply call our commercial sales team for available stock.

Ford Transit 1-Way Tipper

The Ford Transit Tipper is built to make your job easier. Strong but versatile the 1-Way Tipper offers improved Sequenced Hydraulic Body Hold-Down, Dual-purpose tailboard, giving both top-hinged or drop-thru operation, the tipper can be completely controlled from the driver's seat.

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Ford Transit 3-Way Tipper

The 3-Way Tipper has all of the ruggedness of the 1-Way Tipper with the dual function hinge or tilt tailboard, with additional convenient features. The remote wander-lead handset plugs in beneath the driver's seat allowing you to have clear sight of the load when side-tipping on either side. The 5-stage chromium-plated ram is mounted in a durable steel gimbal with integral shock absorbers and electrical limit switches, enabling you to have more control over the tilt angle than ever before.

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Ford Transit Premium Dropside

The Dropside is an ideal vehicle for multi-purpose trades, offering a single or double cab option with 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive models. The sides drop giving you complete access, while the load anchors keep the contents secure with fold-out steps for easier convenience. The Dropside also features a sturdy tubular steel headboard to secure ladders when in transit.

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Ford Transit Box/Luton

Strong but lightweight, both the Box and the Luton are ideal for multi-drop operations. Ply-lined, the telescopic load-retention poles have infinite combinations to secure your cargo. Able to handle the largest of items, the load-anchors will help with the stability, while the rear-shutter doors roll up and out the way giving maximum access and optimum headroom.

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Ocean Ford Transit Centre

Our Ocean Ford Transit Centres are custom-built to the Ford standards, equipped with our helpful sales team, service and maintenance, with skilled Ford technicians on hand, only tending to your vehicle with Ford Genuine parts. All this helps us provide 'One-Stop Shop' for your Ford Transit vehicles.